A woman was arrested with 6 forged educational certificates in Alexandria .. “PhD in Mental Health”


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managed devices Ministry of Interior AffairsFrom revealing the circumstances of what was reported to the General Administration for Combating Public Funds Crimes in the Anti-Public Funds Crimes and Organized Crime Sector, from one of the Consular Affairs offices for ratifications and citizens service in Alexandria, that one of the women submitted to authenticate 6 academic certificates in her name attributed to a university, and it turned out that they were “forged.”

6 fake educational certificates

After codifying the procedures, it was possible to seize the aforementioned, and it was found that she “has a bachelor’s degree in commerce – residing in the second police department of Al-Montazah,” when she presents to the officials of the office referred to as “6” educational certificates attributed to one of her universities, stating that she has obtained master’s and doctorate degrees and courses in Mental health, family and educational counseling are stamped with the seal of the emblem of the Republic attributed to the university, as well as the seal of the emblem of the Republic attributed to an official body “contrary to the truth”; To ratify and document it to work on it outside the country.

Confessions of the accused

During the investigation with the accusedShe admitted that she obtained those forged certificates seized in her possession, from a “person – residing in the Awal al-Raml Police Department” in exchange for a sum of money for the certificate; To submit it to the office for ratification to work on it outside the country.

By intensifying efforts and investigations about the latter, it was possible to identify him, and it was found that he is “the director of a community development association – residing in the Thanh al-Raml Police Department Department” who “has criminal information” and that he is imprisoned in the case of “forgery of documents.”


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