“Abdul Mawmar and his family are all doctors” .. Behind the scenes of the defense pleading for the accused and


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Saturday 25 September 2021

Books – Mahmoud Saeed:

Today, Saturday, the Cairo Economic Court heard the pleadings in the trial of two doctors and an employee on charges of bullying a nurse, known in the media as “Kneel to the Dog.”

Doctor A.K.’s defense asked the court to seek help from the investigations of the detectives about the incident to ascertain whether it happened or not, as well as to make sure that the doctor publishes the video or not.

While the defense of the second defendant pleaded, Doctor M. M., who denied that his client had detained the victim, arguing that if the victim had asked to leave the room, he would have left without anyone stopping him.

The defense of the second defendant submitted a memorandum to the court, containing the biography of his client, that he is a doctor, his parents are doctors, and she has a prestigious position, and such acts do not come out of him.

While the defense of the third accused, A.R., pleaded that there was no intent against the accused against the victim and that his client carried out the orders of the first doctor.

The defendant’s defense asserted that his client’s role is limited to the presence and departure of doctors and workers inside the hospital, and that he is “the sheriff’s servant,” as he said, and he carried out the doctor’s orders.

The defense petitioned the court to acquit his client, and the court adjourned the session to issue the decision.

The Public Prosecutor had ordered the referral of three imprisoned defendants; two doctors and an employee of a private hospital, for criminal trial; to accuse them of bullying a nurse by verbally displaying power and controlling him; They ordered him to prostrate to an animal owned by a doctor of the accused, taking advantage of his weakness and their authority over him with the intent of intimidating him and making him a subject of ridicule and degrading, and their attack on family principles and values ​​in Egyptian society, and their violation of the sanctity of the victim’s private life.

They also published on the information network a depiction of the incident of bullying, which violated the privacy of the victim without his consent, and their use of a special account on a social networking site with the aim of committing these crimes.

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