Abla Kamel ignites social media with a new image… What’s the story?


A large number of social media pioneers shared a recent photo of the Egyptian artist, Abla Kamel.

Abla Kamel appeared in the photo, wearing a black cloak and veil, and the image caused a sensation, and achieved an unexpected spread due to her departure from the art scene 3 years ago, and her absence accompanied many rumors, such as her desire to retire from art, and her cancer.

The artist, Ahmed Kamal, freed Abla Kamel, bore the burden of denying these rumors and confronting their promoters.

Abla Kamel was born on September 17, 1960. She graduated from the Faculty of Arts, Department of Libraries, in 1984. She started in the Al-Tali’a Theater, and gained great fame from her work in television series such as “Layali Al-Helmeya, I Will Not Live in My Father’s Jilbab, Al-Shahd and Tears, Hoanm Garden City.” .

And she participated in the cinema with the films “Farewell, Bonaparte, the sixth day, my ladies, my ladies, the nut peel.” She also participated in the youth cinema in the films “Al-Lambi, Call Mama, Elly Bali Balik” and was the absolute starring for her with Mona Zaki in the movie “My Aunt France.” year 2004.

The Egyptian artist married the actor Ahmed Kamal, and she separated from him, then she married the actor Mahmoud Al-Jundi, and she also separated from him.

The series “Silsal Al-Dam”, written by Magdy Saber, and starring Riad Al-Khouli, is her last work on television.


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