Abu Abla talks about Percy Taos injury and his condition now..and this is the case of Akram and Metwally


Ahmed Abu Abla, the doctor of the first football team in Al-Ahly Club, spoke about the position of Percy Tau, the new team player, and whether he suffers from a chronic injury, and the position of Mahmoud Metwally, the defender of Al-Ahmar, and the rest of the team members

Abu Abla revealed, during statements on Al-Ahly channel: “Tao’s injury is not chronic, as was rumored. It is a muscle injury that he suffered, during training with the South African national team.”“.

He continued: “The South African national team doctor downplayed the seriousness of the matter and advised him to get painkillers and play normally، The player participated in the first match of the South African national team for 60 minutes, then participated in the second for 70 minutes, after which he felt pain in the connective muscle, and after undergoing tests, it was found that he had a rupture in the connective muscle.

Al-Ahly’s doctor continued: “Tao was injected with plasma and his condition is improving, and we are examining him with an ultrasound before entering a closed camp, and his things are very good, and he is expected to return to training within two weeks under the program that was developed for him.”“.

Abu Abla moved to talk about the injury of Mahmoud Metwally, the defender of the red team, as he said: “Metwally suffers from infections in the left hamstring, and he will do rehabilitation exercises for two weeks after he was injected with plasma.”.

The Red Genie doctor concluded his speech: “Akram suffered a severe facial injury during the national team camp. The player’s condition is currently very stable, so he broke the face and needs 6 weeks to fully recover, but he is ready to face the super in light of wearing a protective medical mask.”


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