Accusations chasing Al-Ahly administration from South Africa .. and Sun Downs’ reaction to the Mosimane and Bebo crisis –


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South African Betso Mosimane, coach of the first football team in Al-Ahly club, enjoys strong support from the press and media in his country, after losing the Super Cup title with the Red Castle, and then being criticized by the management and a financial discount of 300,000 pounds.And press reports from South Africa criticized the management of Al-Ahly club directly, due to the accountability of Pitso Mosimane by piece, after the loss from the Vanguards of the Army.

And the South African media believes that the Al-Ahly club management dealt with a kind of lack of appreciation with the coach of the team, after the achievements he achieved with the Red Castle in general in previous periods.

One of the reports wrote, “The Al-Ahly administration has to rent a computer in order to search for a win along the line, especially since the loss is considered to be in football.”

The administration of the Red Castle was subjected to the pretext that the first football team in Al-Ahly Club had lost the meeting of the Vanguards of the Army with penalty kicks, after a long and hard season.

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Will Pitso Mosimane return to the Sundowns squad?Reports talked about the difficulty of South African Pitso Mosimane returning to his position with the Sun Downs team again, especially since his previous team management had taken the decision to leave the club personally.

The South African Pitso Mosimane was attacked by the fans of the Sun Downs team, during the presence of the Red Genie in South Africa to play the second leg against Sun Downs in the quarter-finals of the last edition.

And the Al-Ahly club’s board of directors, headed by Mahmoud Al-Khatib, had officially decided to renew confidence in the South African Pitso Mosimane, after hours of tense relationship with the coach on the sidelines of the decline in performance and results and the loss of the Super title.

Al-Ahly club management hopes that Al-Ahly club will win the Egyptian Cup, in order to close the file of the departure of the South African Pitso Mosimane from the team, and to enter the new season’s competitions in the league, the African Champions League, the local super and the FIFA Club World Cup.

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