After his marriage to Asala, the Iraqi divorcee, Faeq Hassan, broke her silence


A few days after the announcement of Asalas marriage to the Iraqi poet Faeq Hassan, rumors spread on the social media, claiming that “Marta Ahmed” separated from the Iraqi poet because of his marriage to Asala Nasri.

Hours after the spread of the rumor, Marta Ahmed, the free Iraqi poet, came out and congratulated the couple and blessed them and said in a video clip through her Instagram account:

“What was published is incorrect and I am not sad about their marriage.. I wanted to congratulate the father of my children and his wife, Asala.. I wish you well. As for our separation, we have been divorced for a while.”

It is noteworthy that Asala Nasri married businessman Ayman Al-Dhahabi and they had “Khaled” and “Sham” and they separated in 2005, then she married director Tariq Al-Arian and they had twins, “Adam” and “Ali”, and they separated in January 2020 after a 14-year marriage.

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