After the veil and imprisonment .. Sama Al-Masry watched a dance link!


Thank you for reading the news about the veil and imprisonment. Watch Sama Al-Masry in a dance link! And now with the details

Aden – Yasmine Al-Tohamy – After appearing in the veil on the night of the middle of Shaaban, Sama Al-Masry returned to her usual videos and published a clip of a new dance link for her.

Sama Al-Masry appeared in the new video, which she posted on Instagram, as she danced at her home in a short dress, and a writer commented: “The situation worked, I salute him… Oh, yes, we fasted and broke our fast, thank God.

And Sama Al-Masry appeared in the veil while she was singing a religious song

Sama Al-Masry responded to some of her followers ridicule from her in a post on Instagram, in which she said: “He said, I mean, I have schizophrenia, and every little bit… Yes, my soul, your mother, I have schizophrenia. And eating bats in the wake of the two Chinese, you bah, what is your mother’s crawling on this night?? Do you not leave your wound when we go to you, your aunt’s soul, and you do not like to leave the dog’s position higher than your position?


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