Age is just a number.. Watch the most beautiful scene in 2021. Two elderly women dazzle the audience with the “Slow” dance.


trading pioneers Social Media A video clip of two loving grandfathers who attended their granddaughter’s wedding, as this clip sparked widespread controversy, raising the viewership rates to over one million views within a few hours.

Photographer Mohamed Samir Desouki, 19, who photographed the two grandparents in love and romance, said: “I was photographing their granddaughter’s joy in Minya al-Qamh Center in Sharkia Governorate, and suddenly I was caught by the music, their slow dance. I did not photograph other than this simple part. Then their little girl came to dance with them.”

The most beautiful scene in 2021

And it appeared in the video clip that the grandfather carried the grandmother in his arms during a romantic slaw dance, amid interaction and warm applause from the attendees, especially their other grandson, who raised his voice in the video clip “Shielha” amid the grandfather’s laughter and the grandmother’s eclipse, “in pictures of my grocery store for 4 years, the first time I see two of this beauty. They were not adapted to music, but their spirit was the local issue.”

audience comments

The video received a great response from the pioneers FacebookAnd among the comments: “The most beautiful scene in 2021, love never dies, preferably engraved in hearts, their lives and their love is very simple, may God grant us a love that lives to the end of life.”

The photographer spoke about the audience’s interaction with the video clip, which he documented through the lens of his camera, saying: “The scene is like a romantic movie and drew everyone’s attention from its simplicity and love for each other despite all the gray and old age.”


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