Al-Ahly begins a plan to immunize Musimani from the temptations of the Gulf.. Read the details


Al-Ahly club officials began a plan to immunize South African coach Pitso Musimani from temptations, after receiving a fabulous offer from the Gulf to leave the touch during the current period, with approximately $ 5 million per season, which is equivalent to 3 times what he receives with the Red Castle, where Pitsu gets At $1.8 million per season, some press reports revealed that Musimani had received a very tempting offer from one of the UAE League clubs, without disclosing the name of the club, stressing that Musimani’s position was clear and he rejected the offer permanently.

Al-Ahly club officials are intensifying their negotiations with Musimani during the current period in order to renew his contract with the club, after all opinions within the club settled on renewing the team coach’s contract against the background of his successes in the past period with the club and his achievement of many local and continental championships away from losing the league shield last season, and resolving Al-Ahly club officials file to renew Pitso Mosimane’s contract before the start of the new season, with the aim of imposing a state of focus and stability within the team in general and the technical staff in particular.

And “The Seventh Day” learned that the officials of the Red Castle held several sessions the past days, during which it was agreed to announce the renewal of Musimani’s contract during the next few days, and Musimani has led Al-Ahly since 2020, and he has won several titles with him, including the African Champions League on two occasions, the African Super Cup and the Egypt Cup In addition to the bronze in the Club World Cup.


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