Al-Ahly breathes a sigh of relief in the Junior Ajay crisis after the Football Association’s decision


Al-Ahly club officials breathed a sigh of relief after the Football Association’s decision to place a waiting list, which would enroll a maximum of 3 players in each team’s list from August to next January, provided that the clubs are committed to paying their financial salaries regularly throughout their presence on the waiting list, so that Clubs market their players well and without incurring financial losses.

Al-Ahly’s officials were satisfied with the decision to put the waiting list so that it could keep Nigerian Junior Ajayi in Al-Ahly’s list this summer and not give up the free player in order to register the new foreign duo Percy Tao and Louis Miccone, especially in the event of the failure to sell the financial Alio Diang to the Turkish Galatasaray. During the current summer transfer period.

In another context, the technical staff of Al-Ahly is studying under the leadership of Bitso Mosimane Extending the rest period and giving the players enough opportunity to rest, especially the international players, after the team camp ended before returning to the resumption of group training, in preparation for next season’s competitions, in light of the cohesion of seasons and Al-Ahly players complaints of stress due to the large number of matches last season.

Al-Ahly’s technical staff’s desire to give its players enough rest comes after the news that came out to confirm the postponement of the African Super match against Moroccan Raja, which was scheduled to be held on September 24 in the Qatari capital, Doha, to be held next December.

The technical staff of Al-Ahly also wants to rest its players for fear of stress before the start of the new season of the current season, especially after the postponement of the Egypt Cup competitions until the end of next season.


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