Al-Ahly offers its general assembly an increase in the membership value of the Zayed and Al-Tajammu branches


Al-Ahly’s board of directors decided at its meeting today, to present to the club’s general assembly, at its meeting scheduled for next November, to increase the value of Al-Ahly’s membership in the Sheikh Zayed and Al-Tajammu branches from 250 thousand pounds to 350 thousand pounds, for the higher qualification, and from 500 thousand to 600 thousand for those without High qualification.

Al-Ahly’s board of directors also decided, in its open session, which took place this afternoon, to assign the club’s executive management to prepare a program for the celebration of Al-Ahly members on the anniversary of the glorious October victory.
The executive management is holding several meetings with the concerned departments to arrange this occasion dear to all the people of the country, in which the Egyptian armed forces wrote a history worthy of Egypt and its position, restored the country’s pride and inflicted a crushing defeat on the enemy.


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