Al-Ahly: We have a special copy of the League Shield


The Executive Director of Al-Ahly Club, Saad Shalaby, said that his club, based on a letter from the Football Association, will deliver the official copy at the Al-Ahly club’s headquarters by the club’s public relations officials and the Football Association.

Shalaby added, during an intervention on the Citizen’s Program on Al-Hadath TV today, Tuesday: “The official version was delivered in a way that carries all the meanings of sophistication and in line with the values ​​of sport and the values ​​of Al-Ahly Club, but there is a (Kobe) copy in the cup wheel of Al-Ahly Club, which is the most club in the world.” Egypt won the league title 42 times.

The Executive Director of Al-Ahly Club touched on the inauguration of the Board of Directors of Garage Club, the club’s branch in Nasr City, by saying: “Al-Ahly Club obtained the surgeon’s license with the support of state leaders and in cooperation with national institutions to implement this large garage, which was the duty and mission of the Al-Ahly club’s board of directors, which it was keen to accomplish. Thus, the components of the program that the council promised to the masses and members have been fully implemented, thanks to God and the sincere efforts of the council.

Shalaby pointed out that the four Al-Ahly companies are working on the ground, indicating: “There was a general assembly recently for Al-Ahly Sports Facilities Company, and the establishment of the board of directors has been completed, and the company will offer the naming rights during the next week for the new stadium, which is one of the great rights that bring returns The company prepared a brochure of conditions and sent it to 8 international companies present in the Egyptian market.”

The Executive Director of Al-Ahly Club concluded his statements by saying: “The football company led by Yassin Mansour and the distinguished board of directors, Engineer Mustafa Murad Fahmy, Captain Hossam Ghaly and CEO Amr Shaheen, have started receiving the company’s files and are present in their entirety.”


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