Al-Ahly’s device contains Mohamed Mahmoud’s anger after being excluded from the super list


Al-Ahly club coach Sami Komsan was keen to contain the anger of midfielder Mohamed Mahmoud after he was excluded from traveling with the team to Alexandria to play the super match against the Army’s Vanguards scheduled for next Tuesday evening at the Burj Al Arab Stadium in Alexandria, and assured the player that in the accounts of the technical staff led by the South African Pitsu Musimani, but he still needs technical and physical preparation, and that his participation in the Super match will be difficult, so the technical staff preferred to give him a longer chance to regain his technical and physical form..

Al-Ahly midfielder Mohamed Mahmoud grabbed attention in his team’s friendly match with Petrojet, which was held at Mukhtar Al-Teach Stadium and ended in a negative draw, after witnessing the player’s participation in the second half after a long absence from the stadiums; Because of the injury, Mohamed Mahmoud appeared distinctly, and received a penalty kick that was wasted by his colleague Ahmed Abdel Qader, and the match witnessed the first appearance of Mohamed Mahmoud, wearing the badge of Al-Ahly leadership for the first time in its history..

One match in which he did not participate completely is the age of Mohamed Mahmoud’s relationship with Al-Ahly, and the rest are all injuries. On January 8, 2019, Mohamed Mahmoud received the news of his injury to the cruciate ligament after the first match in the Al-Ahly club shirt, so that the player began the journey of recovery from the injury, which lasted 279 days until he participated in the first training with his club. Last October 14, and only nine days passed until the player received the worst shock when he fell again in Al-Ahly’s training on October 23, with a cruciate ligament tear in the other knee, although he was around the corner from leading the Olympic team in the African Cup of Nations under 23 years old, which Egypt hosted last November, and the young Pharaohs were crowned champions after his name was on the first list announced by Shawky Gharib..

After the player completed the rehabilitation program and approached his return to the stadiums, the last period witnessed Mohamed Mahmoud suffering from severe knee pain as soon as he participated in group exercises or ball exercises. To determine the extent of the injury and perform knee surgery if necessary, but doctors in Germany assured the player that he does not suffer from any knee injuries, and there is no cartilage cut, as the x-rays he performed in Cairo proved..

Mohamed Mahmoud returned to Cairo, and he underwent rehabilitation exercises for several days and began participating in the ball exercises, but he felt severe pain in the knee as soon as he participated in these exercises. Ahmed Abdel Aziz in Cairo, so that his absence from the stadiums was decided for another five months, in a severe shock to Al-Ahly fans, before the player returned and organized group training.

Mohamed Mahmoud received an offer from Ceramica Club to move to its ranks starting from the new season. Which will determine the need for the player or not.


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