Al-Badri clarifies the position of Salah and Al-Nani.. Did he agree to Mustafa Muhammad’s delay?


11:30 PM

Wednesday 01 September 2021

Books – Hadi Al-Madani:

Hossam El-Badry, coach of the Egyptian national team, stated that the next 24 hours will decide the position of Mohamed Salah and Mohamed El-Nini from joining the team in the face of Gabon, saying that he did not agree to Mustafa Mohamed’s delay, but he appreciated his position.

Al-Badri said in his statements at the press conference after winning over Angola 1-0 in the World Cup qualifiers: “God willing, the next period will be better, but it is good that we won, and the first match is always more difficult, and the days we met were few, and we tried to give more lectures.” Training to prevent players from getting tired.

He continued, “Of course, I am not satisfied with the performance, but there are circumstances, and the exclusion of Omar Jaber and Akram Tawfiq due to injury.”

He refused to consider the early goal a reason for the poor performance: “The early penalty was not the reason for not showing up well, but stress is the first reason, and then we can say that the players’ feeling of pressure led to more errors in passing the ball in the first half than in the second half. I hope that this stage will pass, and I hope that we will achieve a positive result outside the ground in the second match.”

As for the reasons, he said: “There were errors in positioning during the first half, and this gave Angola the opportunity to have more possession and control the ball, and there was a wrong spread, and I used to say this on the line, but it was not very clear, and between the two halves of the match I spoke with the players. It got a little better.”

He explained the developments of the position of Mohamed Salah and Mohamed Elneny, saying: “There is an opportunity for Mohamed Salah and Elneny to be present in the Gabon match, but we will confirm this within 24 hours.”

And he added: “Harmony needs more time, and a greater desire from some players, and this is what I emphasize today, because the level of some will affect a lot, especially in the offensive aspect.”

And he moved to talk about the late arrival of Mustafa Muhammad, saying: “We understand Mustafa Muhammad’s situation, but I did not give the player approval for what happened, but as a coach I understand the situation, and he is supposed to have arrived today at ten o’clock.”

He continued: “Mustafa Mohamed’s participation in the next match depends entirely on his condition and level in the coming days, but the priority, of course, is for the player who has been with the team since the first day, but I confirm that the situation is difficult for Mustafa Mohamed, because what happened was in the last days of the transfer season.”

And he concluded: “In all stages we have to play to win, and whoever talks about performance at times is someone who is far from the ball, but what was promised after the September stoppage will be better.”

The Egyptian team plays against Gabon outside the ground in the second round of the World Cup qualifiers, after the latter lost 2-1 to Libya in the same round, with a score of 2-1.


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