Al-Luqaimat diet.. Lose 7 kilos of your weight in a week without deprivation


The Luqaimat diet is one of the diets used to lose weight within a short period of time, to restore your fitness and ideal body, as this system helps you lose 7 kilos of your weight in just one week, according to a report published on the Healthline website.

The experts explained that this diet depends on eating foods that are restricted to specific calories, and this contributes to burning fat in the body, and thus regaining your fitness.

And it depends diet Al-Luqaimat takes certain steps that, if achieved, will succeed in losing your weight, which are:

1. You must eat 5 mouthfuls in each meal throughout the day.

2. Contrary to all diets, this diet skips breakfast, which is devoid of food and is only your coffee.

3. Take nutritional supplements and vitamin tablets during this diet so that you can lose your weight.

4. You have to eat 5 bites of any food you want to have, where you can eat carbohydrates and proteins according to the specified amount.

5. Lunch consists of the foods you want to eat, but you have to eat them with a specific portion as well.

6. Eat for dinner any kind of fruit, beside a specific meal of protein or carbohydrates, so that it does not exceed 5 bites.

7. This type of diet is characterized by not feeling deprived, as you can eat the meal you want, but in calculated quantities.


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