Al-Malban attended – Mirhan Hussein Shaqlett Rania Youssef: I am watching


The artist, Mirhan Hussein, published several photos of her through her personal account on the social networking site “Instagram”.

Mirhan Hussein commented, “Good morning.”

The artist, Mirhan Hussein, sent a letter of thanks to the cast of her new play “Shamsiya wa Arbaa Kursi”, which was recently shown on the North Coast.

And Marihan wrote through her account on “Instagram”, saying: “I am very proud and very happy that Leah’s first experience on stage was with a great star with great experience in the theater, Professor Ashraf Abdel Baqi. Thank you very much. I am lucky that you chose me to participate in the beautiful play.

And she continued, “Thank you to all my colleagues, honey. I learned from you and simplified very much with you, and thanks to the audience who honored us by attending a solar play and four chairs.”


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