Al-Shorbagy explains the reasons for reducing Shikabalas penalty


Adel Al-Shorbagy, head of the Appeals and Grievances Committee of the Football Association, revealed the reasons for reducing the penalty of Mahmoud Abdel Razek “Shikabala” player of Zamalek club.

The Appeal Committee had reduced Shikabala’s penalty to suspending 8 matches instead of 8 months, and a fine of 250 thousand pounds instead of 500 thousand, because of what he had done before the ceremony of handing over the Zamalek Football Association the League Shield.

Al-Shorbagy said in statements to “Sada Al-Balad” channel: “We watched some videos, but we did not refer to them, and with this, out of respect for the Zamalek club and the value of the player and the value of his diligence to obtain the league title, we used our discretionary authority as long as it is in the area of ​​​​punishment to inflict punishment to the extent consistent with what was committed by facts”.

He added: “All those present are judges, and the decision was taken unanimously and it was customary to deliberate, and our trading is a mercy to the player and a mercy to everything, and when we come to an opinion, we all sign it.”

He continued: “We are here in the Football Association, our decision is now and it is not permissible to appeal, and if he wants to go to the International Federation, let him go.”

Al-Shorbagy continued: “As long as the papers say what is proven in them, there is no need to summon the players, and the people, when we took two weeks to study the matter, said that we were late and they issued a decision to punish, and what was circulated was incorrect, and the ruling could not be leaked before its issuance, and no one in the committee knew. What we will end up with is because everyone has his opinion, and the statement that came out of the committee was written in my handwriting and was signed by the whole committee, and this indicates that we made the decision in the same session.”

The head of the Appeals and Grievances Committee stressed: “The two meetings that we held, Ahmed Mujahid tried to be outside the union, and he did not speak and did not know it, and by God he did not know that we would issue decisions today or any of the journalists, in order to come out with the decision very calmly.”

Al-Shorbagy concluded: “The president of the Federation said that he did not hear an insult, and therefore we did not approach that, and we took the decision with the existing material facts, and there was a match between the referee’s report and the observer, and we appreciated the celebration and the absent championship. The committee’s appreciation, we take the sporting history, and we looked at this incident as an abstract.”


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