Algeria: controversy after a newspaper deleted the minaret of the Great Mosque from a photo of Bouteflikas funeral


Al-Watan Newspaper

photo released, Al-Watan newspaper – Algeria

comment on the photo,

The cover of the controversial newspaper Al-Watan.

The deletion of the French-speaking Algerian newspaper, El Watan, of the minaret of the Grand Mosque from its cover photo, dedicated to covering the funeral of former President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, sparked widespread controversy on social media in Algeria.

#Algeria_Great_Mosque_My Identity

Al-Watan newspaper published in its Monday edition a picture showing the passing of the funeral of dear President Bouteflika, and attached the picture with a headline about the funeral, in which it said, “A minimum funeral.”

But social media users in Algeria noticed the absence of the minaret of the Great Mosque from the background of the photo taken in the Mohammedia area of ​​the capital.

Against the background of the news, activists launched the hashtag #Algeria_Greatest_Mosque_My Identity, denouncing the newspaper’s action.

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