All you need to know about Khalifa Hossam El-Badry in training the Egyptian national team


No voice is currently louder than the voice of the new coach of the Egyptian national team, after the decision of the Football Association to dismiss Hossam El-Badry, the former coach, against the background of a 1-1 draw with Gabon in the World Cup qualifiers.

Q: How does the Football Association think after the dismissal of Hossam El Badry?

A: The Football Association is currently choosing between the idea of ​​a foreign coach for the Egyptian national team or the national team, and the final decision has not been decided yet.

Q: Who are the trainers on the Jabaliya table?

A: There are more than one foreign coach, such as Fyler, the former Al-Ahly coach, Hector Cuper, the former coach of the former national team, and the Portuguese Nelo Vengada, the coach of Jabalia. Among the local coaches, Ihab Jalal leads the scene, and Shawky Gharib also.

Q: Who is the closest to coaching the national team from these names?

A: If a foreign coach is settled, Nelo Vengada will be the closest to his presence in Egypt, but in the case of appointing an Egyptian coach, the closest is Ehab Galal or Shawky Gharib.

Q: When will the Football Association announce the final decision?

A: According to the statement of the Football Association, the announcement will be made today or tomorrow at the latest.

Q: Will Hossam Al-Badri get the penalty clause?

A: This matter has not been resolved, as the Football Association decided to impose fines on Al-Badri after his departure because of his appearance in some channels without permission, as well as his travel abroad without the knowledge of the Jabaliya.


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