An Algerian is among the heroes of the latest James Bond films.. Who is he?


The attention of film and action movie lovers in London is today focused on the long-awaited premiere of the latest James Bond movie, “No Time to Die”, which was postponed for months due to the Corona pandemic, and the film highlights the remarkable participation of the Algerian star Dali Bensalah in one of the starring roles.

The original release date of the film, which is produced and distributed by MGM and Universal Pictures, was April 2020 but has been postponed several times after the Covid-19 pandemic forced cinemas around the world to close their doors or impose audience restrictions.

Badali bin Saleh

Badali bin Saleh

“I dream of being James Bond”

It is said that whoever pursues ambition will inevitably arrive, which is what Dali embodied, who was published in a video on Twitter of the actors in 2019, in which he said, “My name is Dali Bensalah, French and Algerian. When I was a child I dreamed of being James Bond. When I was twenty, it seemed It’s just a joke… Now here I am.”

The 27-year-old reached one of his ambitions and won one of the starring roles in the latest James Bond series, which is one of the most profitable movie series in the world, as the revenues of the movie (Spectre) amounted to 880 million dollars, which was produced in 2015, and the revenues of (Skyfall) exceeded one billion. Dollars, produced in 2012.

From the James Bond movie

From the James Bond movie

Despite his recent reign in the wheels of the film industry, what Al has seen about his biography indicates a Hollywood star project with presence, handsomeness, determination and perseverance. Although he could not get prizes yet. At the age of twenty-seven, he managed, within a few years, to get a major role in one of the films of the world-famous James Bond series.

Many specialists unanimously agree that his handsomeness, love of sports, talent, and the specialized lessons in acting that he followed, and his ambition and life’s fortunes, are concerted factors that allowed him to realize his dreams. He is still considered one of the rising stars, which is predicted by many specialists and follow-up, more progress and success.

Dali bin Saleh

Dali bin Saleh

The young star was born on January 8, 1992, in the city of “Rennes”, 350 km from Paris.

She obtained a secondary education certificate, and joined the University of “Rennes” to obtain a bachelor’s degree in economic management, but he did not complete his path in this particular major.

In parallel, he took many lessons and exercises in Muay Thai, known as “Muay Thai”, and called “the art of the eight limbs”, because it allows the use of hands, elbows, legs and knees.

He participated in various tournaments, and even managed to win one of the French championships in this particular sport, when he was nineteen years old.

He said at the time that resorting to sports, may be the best way to release the violence that may be engulfing us.

As for the impression he gives to those he meets, it is that he mixes in his person the elements of calm and strength.

Dali bin Saleh

Dali bin Saleh

He left the University of Rennes in 2012 and joined the prestigious “Les Coeurs Florent” school of dramatic and theater acting in Paris, and graduated from it in 2015, due to his strong desire to work in the film field.

In parallel, he took a course in technical training workshops for actor and theater director “Stanislas Nordy” at the National Theater “La Colina” between 2014 and 2015, a theater supported by the French Ministry of Culture.

He completed this internship at the National Theater in Strasbourg, between 2015 and 2016; As well as at the La Fabrica Center in Avignon, with writer, director and actor Olivier B.


He joined the French electronic music group “The Blaze”, managed by “Jonathan and Guillaume Alric”, and had a remarkable participation in the scene of the rhythmic song “Territory”, which was performed in Algeria in 2017, in which he embodied the character of an Algerian expatriate celebrating among his family and relatives his return to his country After a long absence, the released video clip was a great success, as it was watched by more than 40 million people around the world so far on the Internet, and won a number of awards in different festivals.

Dali bin Saleh

Dali bin Saleh

father of arts

He has had the opportunity to participate in a number of plays since 2014, most notably the play “Leforbury de Scapine”, by the historical writer “Moliere”, as “Sylvester”, directed by “Tigran Mkhitaryan”, at the Notre Dame theater in 2016; And the poetic play “Pour Brizan” directed by “Olivi B”, at the “Avignon” festival in 2018, he received a lot of admiration for his performance. However, cinema remained his first goal.


He participated in the series “Knox”, directed by the French director of Tunisian origin, “Mabrouk Al Meshri” in 2017, which was shown on the French channel “Canal Pulse”; And the series “Les Sauvage” in 2019, by the French of Polish origin “Rebecca Zlotsky” and the French writer of Algerian origin “Sabri Louata”, on the “Canal Plus” channel, met with a lot of success. And the series “Algeria Confidential” in 2020, on the “Arte” channel “.

Dali bin Saleh

Dali bin Saleh

the seventh art

He participated in a number of short films, including: “Salad, Tomato, and Onion” in 2015; Directed by Jules Talbaud; “I am a wound”, directed by “Leo Begawi” in 2017; “Goodbye Tom Selleck” in 2018; He has had various roles as of 2017, in the following major films:

“Inter Ray”, by Carmen Alessandrini, as “Safian”, released in July 2018; Blame Fidel, or The Loyal Man, by Louis Garrel in 2018; “Paneleozar” or “Suburbans”, by Kerry James and Laila C, late 2019; In addition to other films that were programmed for 2020, including:

“Tropic de la Violence”, which means “tropical of violence” (by Manuel Shapira; “My Brothers and I”, by “Johan Manca”; and “Flower in the Mouth”, Ulric Baudelaire, noting that his film agent is Juanita Valge, The president of the company “Film Atlantis”, which means “cinematic talents”, consults her in many of his decisions in the field of cinematic work.

Dali bin Saleh

Dali bin Saleh

his passion

One of Dali Bensalah’s hobbies is to play sports with passion, especially football, karate, and the Japanese martial art known as aikido, similar to judo.

As for the types of boxing, especially Muay Thai, which he loves, he has become closer to a professional than a hobby, especially since he participated in a number of competitions.

He also loves cinema since his childhood, and most of the films he watched at home with his parents were Asian action films.

The spy turned phenomenon

Today, Tuesday, the world premiere of “No Time to Die”, the twenty-fifth part of James Bond’s adventures, which has turned in six decades into a global cultural phenomenon, begins in London, which can be summarized as follows:

James Bond was above all the protagonist of a novel that has sold more than sixty million copies worldwide. This famous spy first appeared seven decades ago by British novelist Ian Fleming, a journalist who was inspired by his experience in intelligence work during World War II.

Agent 007’s first adventure novel, “Casino Royale”, was published in 1953. It was followed by 11 novels, including “Goldfinger”, “Doctor No” and “From Racha with Love”, in addition to a series of short novels, before Fleming died in 1964 at the age of 56, i.e. Two years after the release of the first James Bond movie, “Doctor No”.

Every generation has their favorite work from the James Bond series of 25 films. These films are still produced today by Albert R. Broccoli is a descendant of one of the series’ historical producers.

According to specialist Guillaume Evan, and taking inflation into account, the cumulative revenue of the series is $ 16.7 billion. Thus, The Adventures of James Bond represents one of the most profitable movie series in the history of cinema, and it began about 15 years before the launch of “Star Wars” (Star Wars). James Bond films are also a popular front for luxury brands, including automobile and watch companies.

This year, the precious James Bond treasure passed to the management of the e-commerce giant Amazon, which announced the purchase of MGM Studios for $ 8.45 billion.

Scotsman Sean Connery, who died last year and was the first to play James Bond on the big screen with “Doctor No” and appeared in six of the first films, is still the best embodiment of this character with his masculine features and his performance as a man who masters seducing women and has strong charisma.

Five actors continued to play this prominent role: George Lazenby, who is the only Australian in the group and played the character in one movie, “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” in 1969, then Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig.

The spy James Bond works for the British Foreign Intelligence Service (MI6). The first “0” in the “007” logo means that he has a license to kill, the second means that he used this license, and the number “7” identifies him among the members of the apparatus.

“M” is the head of Bond’s organizational chart. Actress Judi Dench set a historical precedent in this regard when she added a feminine touch to this role from 1995 (with “Golden Eye”) to 2012. Q is Bond’s colleague tasked with providing him with the most sophisticated accessories. Without forgetting the character of “Miss Money Penny”, who is M’s private secretary, whom James Bond keeps on flirting with.

Perhaps this series would not have achieved this success without the famous sentences that would have become impossible for the audience to repeat. Among the most famous are the phrase “Bond, James Bond” when he introduces himself, or the phrase “Shaykin’ Not Stirred” when he asks for his favorite drink.

In his various adventures, James Bond encounters villains with the aim of defeating them, from the diamond smuggler in Goldfinger to the criminal organization Specter led by the villain Blofield. He used many accessories to fight them: from the cigarette bombs in the “You Only Leaf Twice”, to the “Aston Martin” with rotating registration plates, bombed ski sticks, laser watches, and much more.

And the puzzling question remains: Who is the actor who will continue the task after Daniel Craig, who confirms that he played James Bond for the last time?


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