An American scientist issues an alert .. “possible” viruses outside the planet


According to the British newspaper, “The Guardian”, astronomer and researcher at the University of Arizona, Paul Davis, suggested that it was Viruses They exist elsewhere in the universe, if there is life.

The director of the center called “Beyond the Basic Concepts in Science” explained that the possibility of the existence of extraterrestrial beings ranges from life to Germs, up to advanced civilizations may send us signals.

But Davis supports the theory of existence microbes and small microscopic items, which may be necessary for general life support.

He explained that viruses are an important part of the web of life, and therefore the presence of “microbial life” on planet Another, leads to the belief that there is a reliable basis for obtaining genetic information.

Davis describes viruses as “mobile genetic elements”, especially since previous studies reported some of the materials that emerged from viruses that became present in genome human and animal.

These materials were transmitted from viruses to human genome Through a process known as “horizontal gene transfer”.

But if extraterrestrial beings are found on another planet, it is likely, according to the researcher, that that life will be different from what is on Earth.

Davis believes that there is no reason to be concerned about the possibility of dangerous viruses outside the planet, because the virus poses a threat to the bodies that are most adapted to it, while we are far from it.

These predictions were issued, after an astronomical study said, recently, that researchers may detect indications of the existence of life outside Earth, within two or three years, given the change in a number of research criteria.


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