An American study shows the superiority of Moderna vaccine over Pfizer


The center’s researchers conducted an analysis on about 3,689 adults who were admitted to hospitals with severe Covid-19 from March 11 to August 15, 2021, which is the period that preceded and includes the spread of COVID-19. mutated delta.

12.9 percent were fully vaccinated with Moderna, 20.0 with Pfizer/Biontech, and 3.1 percent with Johnson & Johnson.

Over the course of the period, Moderna vaccine was 93% effective against hospitalization, Pfizer 88% and Johnson & Johnson 68.%.

Loss of efficacy against hospitalization for the vaccine Pfizer It is clear: it decreased from 91% in the 14 to 120 days after vaccination, to 77% after more than 120 days after vaccination..

On the other hand, Moderna declined from 93% to 92% compared to the two periods.

The study also included a separate analysis of levels of different types of Antibodies Vaccines induced by 100 volunteers.

The Moderna vaccine was also shown to produce higher levels of antibodies than the Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson vaccines.

There is accumulated research indicating that Moderna vaccine is superior to Pfizer Vaccine Including studies conducted by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention published last week.

The reasons are still not clear but it may be because the dose levels are higher – 100 mcg vs. 30.

It may also be related to the interval between the two doses, as Pfizer is given a difference of three weeks compared to four weeks for Moderna..

The US Food and Drug Administration is holding a meeting of leading independent experts to discuss the issue of administering third doses of Pfizer For all people, not just people with weakened immunity.

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