An unexpected surprise .. Al-Ahly star’s agent incites him to complain to FIFA and asks him to sign with Zamalek when Al-Ahmar –


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The star of the first football team in Al-Ahly Club intends to file an official complaint against the club’s management with the International Football Association “FIFA” during the next few days.

And press and media reports revealed, during the last hours, that the Nigerian business agent, Junior Ajayi, the team’s playmaker, was inciting him to file a complaint with the Red Castle in an official capacity.

And the reports added, that the player’s agent assures him that the matter is in his favor, especially after the red genie put him on the waiting list after refusing to terminate his contract by mutual consent.

As indicated by media outlets, that the player has serious negotiations with the Zamalek club to obtain his signature, despite the latter being suspended for two periods of restrictions, but he is trying to end the crisis.

And she continued: “Ajayi welcomes wearing the white shirt in the new season, but he wants to obtain the value of his contract in full from Al-Ahly, before the contract is terminated.

For his part, the Al-Ahly club’s board of directors, headed by Mahmoud Al-Khatib, transferred an amount of $220,000 into the account of Nigerian Junior Ajayi, the team’s playmaker, during the past hours.

Al-Ahly’s move comes by transferring an amount of $220,000 into the Nigerian player’s account, as 25% of his contract provider in the last year of his contract, before his matter is resolved.

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Al-Ahly club is currently trying to reach an agreement formula with the Nigerian player, in order to terminate his contract, especially as he refuses to renew and loan, and adheres to a free departure and obtaining the value of his remaining contract.

Amir Tawfiq, the contracting manager, held intensive sessions with the player, and offered him a sum of $400,000 and given him a layoff, but the player still insisted on his position.

The red genie wants to end Ajay’s headache, as he was placed on the waiting list, especially after signing the duo, Percy Tau, Brighton striker, and Louis Mixoni, Simba striker, Tanzania, and the number of foreigners inside the team.

The Nigerian player retracted his position by agreeing to leave for any Egyptian club, and stuck to marketing himself outside the Egyptian League when obtaining his dispensation.

Ajayi is still waiting for offers from leagues that have not yet closed the registration door, and if he does not reach foreign offers, he will remain in the Egyptian League.

Ajayi came out of Al-Ahly’s accounts, and received several local offers, the most prominent of which is Farco Club, which is strongly interested in contracting with him, as the player welcomed getting about the middle of the salary he was receiving in Al-Ahly, in order to play in another place outside Al-Jazira Castle.

Al-Ahly is preparing for the start of the new season, as it is scheduled to face the Vanguards of the Army on September 21, in the Egyptian Super Cup last season.

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