(Analysis) .. Musimani’s repeated error .. and a message absent from Al-Ahly from C


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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Books – Ayman Gilberto

Al-Ahly lost the Egyptian Super Cup title for the 2019-2020 season, in favor of the pioneers of the army, who won its first historical title thanks to the brilliance of its goalkeeper, Mohamed Bassam, in the penalty shootout after the end of the match and the extra games in a goalless draw.

Abdelhamid Bassiouni, the coach of Talaa El-Geish, managed to take the match to the penalty shootout stage, playing in a clear defensive manner, relying on some counter-attacks that were not optimally completed.

Al-Ahly took possession of the situation, but “negative possession” has no value in football as long as you do not succeed in creating scoring opportunities.

Al-Ahly players, during the Tala’a Al-Jaish match, lacked speed in moving without a ball or quick ground passes to break the defensive Vanguard blocs. Also, Al-Ahly did not succeed in playing cross balls optimally when he played with 3 attackers in the last part of the match “Hossam Hassan – Mohamed Sharif – Salah Mohsen.” “.

Al-Ahly played only 3 balls quickly and effectively from the offensive side, and Mohamed Sharif missed two chances, along with an opportunity for Mohamed Magdy “Afsha” that Mohamed Bassam saved, along with one powerful shot that the goalkeeper brilliantly saved.

Al-Ahly’s performance lacked the soul, the saying of the Portuguese Manuel Jose, the former coach of the historic Red Castle, “the worst is the loss.. not fighting to win,” a saying that Al-Ahly fans immortalized in the stands one day to become a message for all generations.

Al-Ahly players lacked the spirit, which can often compensate for the “technical deficiencies” on the field, or the mismanagement of the match coach, which the army’s pioneers succeeded in exploiting to take the match to the penalty kick stage.

On the mental level, the superiority of the pioneers of the army and its coach Abdel Hamid Bassiouni appeared, which was reflected in their performance during the penalty shootout, “Luck smiles to those who strive.”

The matter differed in Al-Ahly. Whoever followed “Ofsha” in the penalty shootout during the recent period will find him wasted more than once, and one of them was in front of the same goalkeeper in the cup final, and therefore there should have been greater technical and mental preparation if Al-Ahly reached the penalty shootout.

Mosimane errors

Undoubtedly, Musimani, at his inception with Al-Ahly, was distinguished in dealing with matches, even at the local level, despite the team’s victory in the league, as well as in the two Egypt Cup matches after the stress of the century final against Zamalek.

Musimani in his African tests with Al-Ahly succeeded greatly, but at the local level, his team is suffering in front of the teams that are defensively clustered and this became clear to everyone. Most of the league clubs are now able to deal with Musimani’s “tactic” and the way he manages Al-Ahly matches.

Mosimane’s repeated mistake was not to implement the attacking adventure early against these blocs, despite the success of the matter against the Arab Contractors, for example, when he ventured early and succeeded in winning 2-0.

Al-Ahly under the leadership of Musimani faced the pioneers of the army 3 times under the leadership of Abdel Hamid Bassiouni, and the same suffering appeared, despite winning with difficulty in the first match 2-1, the absence of adventure and the absence of other solutions that show Al-Ahly “technically helpless” despite the difference in capabilities, which is borne by the coach and his assistant staff.

120 minutes for Al-Ahly in front of the Vanguards of the Army, which witnessed only one technical sentence, and a poor execution of the sentences related to set kicks.

In the league matches, Al-Ahly appeared more offensively and wasted many opportunities, but it was falling due to fatal mistakes without increasing the number of goals or the coach changing the method of play in a way that confuses the team’s accounts, but in front of the army’s vanguard, Al-Ahly did not appear “technically or mentally”.

And the question that arises, Musimani, who succeeded with the current generation in Al-Ahly club in breaking the African knot, will he continue to suffer locally or will he remedy things early?

The other face

An exceptional scene witnessed by El-Gouna Stadium in the 2020-2021 league, when Mahmoud Al-Khatib, president of Al-Ahly and the general supervisor of the ball, held a session with his players and the technical staff on the field after officially losing the title and crowning Zamalek with it, in order to support them.

A few days ago, the headquarters of Al-Ahly Club witnessed a huge ceremony to inaugurate the tenth star and honor the team and the technical staff led by Mosimane after the wonderful success in crowning the tenth edition in the club’s history of the African Champions League.

But after the Super loss, the other side appeared, and evoked the scene after the historical loss against Sundowns in the African Champions League, version 2019, when 10% of the players dues were deducted “with the objection of some,” but the decision was implemented, for Al-Ahly to announce that Al-Khatib deducted an amount of 300,000 pounds from Every player and member of the technical staff.

The 2019 decision marks the beginning of the team’s success in the coronation after a succession of tournaments with a double of the Champions League and a copy of the African Super, as well as the World Cup bronze after the league and cup double and the loss of a single title for the Egyptian Super in that period before adding the Super Vanguards of the Army.


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