Another video of the mall girl’s fall… a dead body and panic among people


Still repercussions of the story Mall Girl Suicide The woman who threw herself from the sixth floor, in a famous mall in Nasr City, east of Cairo, frequented the Egyptian street. As new scenes of that horrific incident appeared.

Video clips, captured by surveillance cameras in the mall, revealed the first moments after the fall Mayar Mohammed, the 23-year-old, from one of the upper floors of the “City Stars Mall”.

In the video published by local media, the girl appeared to be a lifeless body on the ground, while some mall-goers rushed to help her to no avail, amid a state of panic that pervaded the place.

The footage also showed dozens of people crowded into the upper floors, after seeing the body of a dental school graduate, lying motionless on the ground.

It is reported that the investigations, as well as the statements of the girl’s father, showed that she had been suffering from depression and sadness in the recent period. She was also constantly quarreling with her father.

In addition, investigations revealed that one of her friends was sitting with her inside a cafe in the mall, where the victim was telling her that she was suffering from ill-treatment in her family, before she left.

Later, Mayar decided to throw herself and commit suicide in front of the mall’s visitors.

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