Anti-cancer drugs stop the spread of the emerging coronavirus


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Anti-cancer drugs stop the spread of the emerging coronavirus


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Scientists from the University of Liverpool, British, announced that some drugs used in the treatment of cancer are able to stop the multiplication of the emerging coronavirus.

University scientists conducted experiments using the experimental drug AFATINIB, as well as the drug Sorafenib approved in the treatment of kidney and liver cancer, and it became clear to them that the two drugs prevent the reproduction of the emerging coronavirus, without causing pathological changes in the cells of the body.

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How will the pandemic end?

The researchers discovered new, previously unknown sites for the cleavage of many viral proteins including the S (“spike”) and N (nucleocapsid protein) major antigens, which are major targets of antibodies and vaccines, both in existence and in development.

The researchers used the method of mass spectrometry analysis, during infection with the emerging coronavirus, during their study of protein fission processes, according to

On the other hand, scientists from the Medical University of Vienna discovered that the emerging coronavirus creates a unique response to the immune system. The results of their work have been published in Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology.

And the researchers discovered, a certain set of immune indicators in the blood of people with “Covid-19”, by which they can distinguish between infection with the coronavirus and other viral respiratory diseases.

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