Basma: A Japanese company made masks for the movie “Mako”… and my colleagues accused me of being crazy for accepting work in it


The artist Basma said that she was fortunate to work with a number of big names in cinema and drama, such as adults Yousry Nasrallah, Sherif Arafa and Daoud Abdel Sayed, especially that they chose her in their works, but she considers that she has not tried all forms of acting so far, noting that acting is a phrase About a large area, I’ve tried parts of it and there are parts I still haven’t tried.

She added during her interview with the media, Sherif Amer, on the “Happening in Egypt” program, which is broadcast on the “mbc Egypt” channel: “When the Mako movie was shown to me, I laughed and said that these types of films will not happen to us, because there are things that we can accept from Al-Khawaja, but we cannot To accept it here, and at the same time there is no technical knowledge that we were able to do such work, and some colleagues when they knew that I was going to participate in this work accused me of madness.”

Basma said: “I was on this project in 2018, we filmed in 2019, and from 2018 until mid-2019, the stage of choosing actors, and I learned the diving skills that must be learned to participate in the work, and the first time I tried to dive I was in a state of panic, and I was less One in the group about diving, but what encouraged me to try it, is that I love visual fiction, and I am convinced that a film that appears well, means that we will break the barrier that these films are limited to foreign films only.

And she continued: “During the previous years, a new generation of directors appeared, and old ones as well, they touched on places we were afraid to approach before that, and in the West, these types of films, they lasted for 40 years until they could come up with works of this quality, and there was a state of contagious enthusiasm. Between the cast of the film, and everyone who participated in the film, when the film papers were shown to them, it was like a joke, until they sat with the director more than once and changed the idea that was in their minds.

Basma said: “I discovered that I was a selfish, loving and clinging person to life, during my diving experience, so I provided oxygen as much as possible during the dive, so that the director was talking to me during the dive, and I was afraid to respond to him so that I would not consume oxygen, although there is a microphone in the mask. The one I was wearing, and one day of filming was very expensive, so we were forced to act well, as special masks were made for this movie, made by a Japanese company, and a heavy mask, and every time I took off and put on the mask caused my hair to cut.”

She added, “A circumstance happened in my life that prompted me to travel abroad, and I went through the experience of acting outside Egypt, and I considered it the beginning of the first and the new, and I see that the Mako movie is the beginning of crazy adventures for Basma, which I see as a coward.”

She said: “I loved Hind Sabri in the movie Al-Kinz, Menna Shalaby in Nawara, and Mona Zaki in the weddings of the dome. There are many works that my colleagues did in them, and they were dazzling in them, and for me a movie with the knowledge of access, I worked in it as soon as I arrived in Cairo, the reactions were about my performance in The role was like announcing my return to acting again, given the positive reactions I witnessed to my performance.”


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