“Be like Messi” .. Brazil attacks Neymar, who responds with a picture


After leading Neymar Brazil national team For a new victory over Peru, with a score of 2-0 and with a goal he scored personally, and to maintain the top spot in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, the Brazilian star expressed his displeasure.

وكشف Neymar About his “suffering” from the media, and asked them to stop attacking him, demanding respect.

Neymar said after meeting Peru: “I don’t know what to do so that everyone respects me. Attacking has become a habit for a long time now,” according to the newspaper “Marca”.

“Journalists, commentators and others, it is time for me to speak up because I suffer greatly from a lack of respect,” he added.

Neymar’s angry comments come after a big campaign in Brazil, which criticized him for his “excess weight”, during a match for the national team last week.

Before Neymar replied that the “team shirt” was wide, and the picture showed him overweight, but in fact he still maintained his physical strength and grace.

Neymar responded Thursday with a picture from the Peru match, showing his prominent abdominal muscles, commenting, “The fat man is talented in football.”

In turn, the Brazilian press criticized Neymar for his “sensitivity” and his emotions, exemplifying the Argentine Lionel Messi, who is also criticized, but he does not complain, “but responds on the field.”

“Neymar still lacks self-control. Calm down Neymar. We don’t see Messi behaving like you, even though he’s being criticized for the same amount of criticism,” said a prominent journalist for Brazilian broadcaster Globo.


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