Before Reham Hajjaj.. Actresses who have undergone abortion, get to know them (photos)


I wrote – Bahira Fouda:

Actress Reham Hajjaj lost her fetus to Senator Mohamed Halawa, after she announced the news in an episode with the media, Bossi Shalaby, last Sunday.
And a source close to Reham Hajjaj told “ET in Arabic” that she lost the fetus, commenting: “The baby, our Lord, has come down. His office is complete.”
On the other hand, the artist, Reham Hajjaj, was shown in the last Ramadan race, the series “Well We Participate” with the stars: Amr Abdel Galil, Rania Youssef, Ayten Amer, Ahmed Fahmy, Sayed Ragab and Mohamed Al-Sharnoubi, the story of Mohamed Amin Radi, script and dialogue by Ahmed Wael and Yasser Abdel Meguid, directed by Karim El Adl.

In this report, we show you female artists who have had abortions:


Actress Yousra had a miscarriage while she was filming “The Migrant” by the late Youssef Chahine, on the orders of her French doctor, when she was in her third month.
Yousra said during her hosting of the “Her Excellency” program that she had to get rid of the fetus in her third month because she was suffering from a disease that affected the life of her fetus.

Suheir Ramzi

Actress Suheir Ramzy said during her guest appearance on the “100 Questions” program that she had aborted the fetus herself because of her strong love for her mother, and separated because of the abortion.
She said, “I hope that our Lord will forgive me and forgive me, and this is a crime.”

Ilham Shaheen

Actress Ilham Shaheen said that she had miscarried twice.
And she added, during her meeting on the “100 Questions” program: “I was informed that I did not want to take away the responsibility of a child, and both times I aborted myself because I did not feel that I would be responsible, and it was forbidden for children to come in unsuitable circumstances. I would have been able to devote my life to him, and I would not be able to do that.”


Actress Koki Magdy revealed that she had a miscarriage and the death of her fetus from football player Islam Siam after a few months of pregnancy.
Koki announced the death of her fetus in a post on her personal account on the “Facebook” website, and wrote, “The baby died and the operation worked, praise be to God, God’s destiny.

Sherine Abdel Wahab

Singer Sherine Abdel Wahab stated, during her stay as a guest on the “Al-Khazna” program, that she regretted and deeply saddened her child, whom she had aborted during her marriage to distributor Medhat Khamis.
On the reason for taking this step, Sherine Abdel Wahab said that the ongoing disputes between her and her husband are the main reason, before her request for divorce and her final separation from her husband.

Enas Ezz El Din

And the singer, Enas Ezz El-Din, announced, through her personal account on the “Facebook” website, and wrote: “I lost the fetus, unfortunately. It was a difficult choice between preserving my life and that he comes to the world, and he can catch up to see the light, and we both go … I am in the most ordeal that I have lived in my life.” Destructive in the true sense of the word, Dhana, very expensive.


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