Before the start of the study.. an urgent appeal from the Minister of Health to the parents


Dr. Hala Zayed, Minister of Health and Population, sent a message to parents and students’ families to quickly go to receive the vaccine to protect their children in order to go to school in the new school year.

In a telephone conversation with the media, Amr Adib, on the “Al-Hekaya” program broadcast on MBC Egypt, today, Friday, Hala said: “We are entering an academic year. I appeal to all parents and families to go to receive the vaccine so that we can continue to protect their children.”

She added, “We are currently administering vaccinations to all those involved in the educational process, including teachers and administrators, but I am the guardian in order to protect my son and let him go to school, so he must receive the vaccine. Because going to schools is not only for education, but their communication with their colleagues and their activities is important and the whole world has turned to the return of students to schools. And in two months from now, we will start vaccinating high school students.”


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