Behind the scenes of the Arab Got Talent star wearing the hijab.. Yasmina Al-Alwani: We started dying


The name of the young singer, Yasmina Al-Alwani, topped the Google search engine after announcing her wearing the hijab, a news that a large part of her audience considered a great surprise, especially since she is at the beginning of her artistic career.

In this regard, “The Seventh Day TV” broadcast a special coverage prepared by Israa Abdel Qader and presented by Raghda Bakr, during which he reviewed the full scenes of the singer Yasmina Al-Alwani’s wearing the hijab.

And the coverage continued, that the young artist, Yasmina Al-Alwani, published a picture of her in the veil, through her account on Twitter.“.

Yasmina commented, “Praise be to God.. We have begun the stage of improvement and have begun to die.. Complete it well, Lord.”“.

On September 13, Yasmina Al-Alwani revealed her health suffering, and wrote on Twitter: “My Lord, I have been touched by harm, and you are the most merciful. I ask you to pray.” May God heal me“.

And on September 15, she wrote: “Coronavirus is easy to avoid and hard to bear. Your prayers“.

The special coverage also monitored the most prominent information about the singer Yasmina Al-Alwani, and that she began her appearance on the singing scene, through her participation in the singing talent program “Arabs Got Talent”.

Yasmina was born on July 1, 1998, and is 23 years old.

Born in Ismailia, she recently graduated from the Faculty of Mass Communication.

Yasmina received the golden buzzer from Najwa Karam after she sang “On the Lovers” and “Anta Omri” by Umm Kulthum, in the audition phase of the program.

After her participation in the program, her father rejected offers from a large number of production companies, rejecting the idea of ​​monopolizing his daughter’s voice.

Her first artwork was in August 2017, with the clip “Hanala”, followed by “We are friends” in February 2018.

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