Behind the scenes of the dressing room.. “Abdul Sadiq” call writes the last line in Qinawy’s journey with Al-Ahly


The scenes of the dressing rooms today revealed by Ahmed Shedid Qinawy, the former Al-Ahly player, regarding the scenes of his departure from the ranks of the Red Castle in 2014, explaining that the decision was shocking and not expected, saying, “I was on my way to Al-Ahly Club on the October Bridge, and I received a call from Alaa Abdel Sadiq, The director of the ball at the time, and informed me of the club’s decision to dispense with my services and thank me.”

Kenawy added, in previous TV statements, “The decision was harsh on me.. I felt that the world turned black in my face after this call. What I spent in Al-Ahly is not just a period. I played for the club for 12 years and I was waiting for the appropriate honor instead of this sad end.”

Kenawy explained, “I had many late dues with the club and got them, and despite my anger at the way I left, in the end, I am very proud of the period I spent in Al-Ahly and during which I achieved many local and continental championships.”


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