Behind the scenes of the dressing room.. Ramadan Sobhi by Hossam Ghaly: I am not coming from the street


The club locker room always witnesses many scenes, some of which are revealed, while many of them remain as secrets that no one knows anything about. Team clothes are the “kitchen” from which the first spark of important decisions and strong instructions emerges, and they also have a role in achieving victories and ascending to the podium, and also have a role in receiving defeats and losing championships, and the dressing room witnesses loud discussions at times and Hazar connections at other times. Therefore, in the context of the following report, we will present the scenes of some of what is happening in the Egyptian football dressing rooms.

Today’s incident was represented in the altercation that took place between Ramadan Sobhi, the current Pyramids player and the former Al-Ahly player, and Hossam Ghaly, the former Al-Ahly player and the current member of the House of Representatives, when the duo were together in the Al-Ahly team. But it was an objection that carried a kind of nervousness, which Ramadan Sobhi rejected.

The crisis developed quickly, and Hossam Ghaly’s voice rose in a way that the team players interfered with him, and Ali Maher, the Al-Ahly coach at the time, in an attempt to calm the situation, but Ramadan Sobhi expressed his anger at the way Ghali dealt with him at the time, and Ramadan complained to his coach, saying that it was not the first time that Ghali spoke to him with this. During the exercises, Ramadan repeated the phrase, “I am not coming from the street… to speak to me in this way.”

It is noteworthy that Ramadan Sobhi left Al-Ahly early last season after the club’s management failed to renew his loan or buy it permanently from the English club Huddersfield, which owned the player’s rights, and Ramadan signed for the Pyramids Club for 200 million pounds in 5 years.


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