Beni Suef President: The Football Association’s list is “locked”


Ali Selim, president of Beni Suef Club, confirmed that the General Assembly of the Egyptian Football Association held a meeting attended by 51 clubs, today, Monday, to take a number of decisions related to the Gabaliya list.

And Selim indicated, in statements to On Time Sports, that a previous list was agreed upon and approved, but without informing the International Federation “FIFA” of it, in preparation for the holding of the Football Association elections.

Selim said: “We held a general assembly during the era of Amr Al-Janaini and agreed on the terms of a regulation, and it was adopted during the era of the current tripartite committee, and now we do not know where it is and why it was not officially announced?”

He continued, “This list is currently locked up. We do not know whether it is in the drawers of the Football Association, FIFA, the Olympic Committee, or the Ministry of Sports. We do not know the reason for that, and therefore it was the duty of action by the General Assembly of the Football Association.”

He added: “We agreed in the imprisoned list that the eight-year clause should start from the implementation of the regulation and not retroactively. The regulation should not exclude anyone from the Football Association elections, but rather it is the election boxes that are excluded.”

He concluded: “We have decided that an extraordinary general assembly of the Football Association will be called to amend many of the provisions of the regulation, and the beginning of the steps for their adoption, and we will go to FIFA in the event of a violation of the decision of the General Assembly.”


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