Can the penalty be abolished? .. The text of the FIFA list after stopping Zamalek from


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Friday 17 September 2021

Books – Hadi Al-Madani:

Hussein Labib, head of the temporary committee for the management of Zamalek, announced that the crisis facing the club at the present time by preventing registration for two consecutive periods is on the way to a solution through an agreement with the Cameroonian Academy, which had a contract with the junior team, Hossam Ashraf.

Hussein Labib made it clear in his statements that the matter has been settled and is in the current stage awaiting the implementation of the legal procedures related to the consequences of the decision.

But what does the FIFA Player Affairs and Transfer Regulations say regarding the penalty imposed on Zamalek for not paying the fine owed to the Cameroonian club? This is what we monitor below.

Article 24 of the regulation reads: “If the FIFA decision-making body has determined that one party (club or player) must pay another party (club or player), the consequences of failure to pay the relevant amounts in a timely manner must be included in the decision.”

The second clause of the article sets out the consequences of: “A ban from registering any new players, whether at the national or international level, until the amounts due have been paid. The total maximum duration of the registration ban shall be up to three complete and consecutive registration periods, in accordance with paragraph 7 below. “.

Looking at the seventh paragraph of the article, it says the following:

If the debtor fails to pay the funds in full (including all applicable interest) within the time limit, and the decision becomes final and binding:

a) the creditor may request FIFA to enforce the consequences;

b) Upon receipt of this request, FIFA must inform the debtor that the consequences will apply.

c) Consequences shall take effect immediately upon notification by FIFA, including, for the avoidance of doubt, that they shall be applied during the open registration period, in such cases, the remainder of the registration period shall be the first “full” registration period as stated in paragraph 2 a) ;

d) The consequences may only be raised in accordance with paragraph 8 below

In front of the eighth paragraph, it says:

When the consequences are imposed, the debtor must provide proof of payment to VIVA in the full amount (including all applicable interest), in order for them to be raised.

a) Upon receipt of proof of payment, VIVA immediately requests the creditor to confirm receipt of the full payment (including all applicable interest) within five days.

b) Upon receipt of the confirmation from the creditor, or after the expiry of the time limit in the event of no response, FIFA shall notify the parties that the consequences have been lifted.

c) The consequences will be lifted immediately upon notification to FIFA.

d) Notwithstanding the foregoing, where full payment has not been made (including all applicable interest), the consequences shall remain in effect until the formalities are completed.

According to all of the above, in order to cancel the penalty imposed on him, Zamalek needs at the present time to provide evidence to the FIFA that he paid the full amount, including the applicable interest, and then FIFA waits 5 days for the creditor to confirm that he has received the money or not to respond, and in that The case will lift the ban on Zamalek.

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