Cartieron: Zamalek was not affected by the absence of Ferjani Sassi, and I expect Ashour to join the national team


French coach Patrice Carteron, coach of the Zamalek team, confirmed that he was not worried after the departure of the Tunisian Ferjani Sassi, the former midfielder in the team, although he was a distinguished and essential player in the team, and that the players proved that they have better levels after the departure of Sassi, and therefore the team was not affected by his departure.

The coach said in exclusive statements to the official website of Zamalek: “Imam Ashour succeeded in making up for the absence of the Tunisian midfielder, and I expect a bright future for Ashour and I expect him to join the first team in the near future.”

Carteron added that he was placing his trust in all the players in the team and the rookies, and he had previously done so with Mustafa Mohamed, who starred with Zamalek and went out to European professionalism, and currently the matter is repeated with Imam Ashour, who presents distinguished levels.

In a related context, Carteron confirmed that he returned to the team in the second term in order to lead the White Castle to achieve a major championship, which was achieved by crowning the team with the Premier League title.

He added that the team faced many difficulties in the league competition, but succeeded in deciding the title after a strong competition with a stubborn team that does not lose the league championship easily.

The coach of the team explained that he was keen to raise the pressure on the players in the last 7 matches so that the team was able to outperform the opponent in the number of points, and stressed that he was keen to motivate the players to win only in order to pressure the opponent constantly.

He stressed that Zamalek took advantage of not playing matches until the opponent played his postponed matches and organized a camp in Burj Al Arab, which brought the team benefit.

Carteron thanked the committee that runs the club, headed by Captain Hussein Labib, for allowing the team to organize a long camp in Burj Al Arab and to engage in continuous camps in the last weeks of the league matches.

The coach of the white team added that the cohesion of the past two seasons came because of those who insisted on completing the league in the penultimate season.


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