Celebrities who played influential personalities and met them in real life.. Will Smith and Muhammad are the most famous


Every celebrity should be willing to play many characters, especially when it comes to the real ones who already exist, and this makes the challenge of reversing their lives even greater because of all that it involves receiving their reactions to “seeing” themselves on the big screen, and that’s why they can Their encounters become emotional because deep down every actor becomes a fan of that person.

In the following report, the site “Brightside” compiled The most prominent meetings that took place between actors and celebrities Who actually played their part:

1. O’Shea Jackson met Ice Cube

O’Shea Jackson starred as Ice Cube in the movie Straight Outta ComptonHe played the role in his early days as a rapper, and in a conversation between the two, the actor said he was nervous that he had never done something like this before, and for his part, the singer couldn’t imagine anyone else who could play him.

O'Shea Jackson and Ice Cup
O’Shea Jackson and Ice Cup

2. Anna Sophia met Rob Bethany Hamilton

Anna Sophia Robb played Bethany Hamilton in Soul Surfer, which is the story of a teenage surfer who had a terrible accident, but that didn’t stop her from pursuing her passion, and both were interviewed to talk about the film.

On the other hand, the surfer said that she loved how the movie was able to reflect what she went through at that point in her life, where she discovered her true passion, and also said that, at first, she was afraid that they would make the part where she suffered from the shark attack too dramatic, But she thought they did a good job and helped spread her own version of the story.

Anna Sophia and Bethany Hamilton
Anna Sophia and Bethany Hamilton

3. Eddie Redmayne met Stephen Hawking

Eddie Redmayne played the famous astrophysicist Stephen Hawking in the movie The Theory of EverythingThe actor said he was nervous about taking on the role of someone as important as Hawking and was happy to meet him a few days before filming.

For his part, Hawking felt proud to be represented in such a film, and on his account on Facebook, published a post in which he said, “Eddie Redmayne did a good job for me in the movie The Theory of EverythingThere were moments when I thought I was myself, and watching the movie gave me a chance to reflect on my life.”

Eddie Redming and Stephen Hawking
Eddie Redmayne and Stephen Hawking

4. Will Smith met Muhammad Ali

Will Smith played the role of boxer Muhammad Ali Clay, and during the filming of the movie, they got to know each other, and Muhammad Ali instructed Will Smith in his work, Smith went through a difficult process, as he had to gain muscle mass and represent Ali faithfully in his biography, Will Smith said About Muhammad Ali in a post he posted on Facebook that he changed his life, as he described him as a friend and teacher.

Will Smith and Muhammad Ali
Will Smith and Muhammad Ali

5. Jesse Eisenberg met Mark Zuckerberg

Jesse Eisenberg is best known for playing Mark Zuckerberg, and the duo reunited on Saturday Night Live, where the actor began with a monologue that stopped when Zuckerberg appeared on stage.

Originally, the plan was to appear Andy Samberg disguised as Zuckerberg, while the true originator of Facebook Behind the scenes watching what is happening on the screen, but then decided to join them on the show, and when he stood next to Zuckerberg, Eisenberg asked him what he thought of the movie, and he replied that it was “interesting”.

Jesse Eisenberg and Mark Zuckerberg
Jesse Eisenberg and Mark Zuckerberg

6. Morgan Freeman met Nelson Mandela

In an interview, Morgan Freeman said that he had difficulty adopting Nelson Mandelas accent to play in a movie InvictusTherefore, he had to meet him on a few occasions, thus forming a close friendship.

However, the actor did feel a certain affinity with the well-known South African activist because when he saw him on TV, he heard him say he’d like to see Freeman play his part, and that’s exactly what happened several years later.

Morgan Freeman and Nelson Mandela
Morgan Freeman and Nelson Mandela


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