China seeks to supply space rockets with liquefied hydrogen


The Chinese Administration of Aerospace Science and Technology has designed a national system for liquefying hydrogen to supply the new-generation Changzheng-5-be and Changzheng-7 space rockets, according to the Chinese “Global Times” newspaper.

According to the “RT” website, according to the newspaper, the new devices produced 35.55 cubic meters of this environmental fuel within 35 hours. The department’s designers said the system is capable of generating up to 2.3 tons of liquefied hydrogen per day.

The system is supposed to greatly reduce Chinas dependence on imported technologies used in the Chinese space sector, and it is noteworthy that the new system will meet Chinas demand for this type of fuel.

The director of the 101st Institute of the Sixth Chinese Research Academy, Fan Tinghan, announced that the proportion of national spare parts in the new system has reached 90%. He added that such technologies could help develop the hydrogen industry in the People’s Republic of China.

It is noteworthy that China is actively developing its space program and is expected to launch 40 space rockets this year, which is considered a national record.


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