Chinas first space station crew returns to Earth on Friday


The three Chinese astronauts are scheduled to return home Friday after two spacewalks and set a new national record for the longest manned mission in space.

According to the technical website “the Verge”, he said astronauts Ni Haisheng (commander), Liu Beoming and Tang Hongbo have spent 90 days aboard China’s Tianhe spacecraft since they arrived aboard Shenzhou 12 on June 17, and airspace closure notices issued on Wednesday indicate that the crew It will return between 1:14 and 1.:44 AM EST (0514-0544 GMT or 1:14-1:44 this Friday.

The landing will be, for the first time, near Dongfeng, in the Gobi Desert in Inner Mongolia, and the landing area is located near the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center from which Chinese human spaceflights take off. Also in Inner Mongolia.

Search and rescue teams conducted search-and-rescue exercises at the Dongfeng landing site at least last week, according to media reports. Stunning pictures of Earth.

Some missions remain before returning home, and Shenzhou 12 astronauts will sail around Tianhe in their capsule and test a radial rendezvous by withdrawing from the module and approaching Tianhe from below, rather than its flight path.

However, Tianhe will receive a new visitor very soon. The Tianzhou 3 cargo spacecraft is expected to be launched from Wenchang in southern China, and around September 20 Tianzhou 3 will deliver supplies for the next manned mission to Station Shenzhou 13, which is scheduled to launch from Jiuquan in October.


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