Club Association: The League of the “weakest” groups among the 3 scenarios


Ahmed Diab, President of the Egyptian Clubs Association, confirmed that the perception of the two groups league is the weakest among the three perceptions that were presented to the clubs for the new version of the Egyptian Premier League for an opinion poll.

Diab said, hosted by the “A Last Word” program on “ON E” channel, on Monday: “We have set three scenarios for the shape of the new version of the Egyptian League, the first is that the competition continues in its normal form, with a 34-round system over two rounds.”

He added, “The second scenario is the establishment of the league in two groups. It is the weakest idea of ​​unequal opportunities and the weakness of the competition in marketing, but our duty as a league is to develop the three scenarios and poll the clubs, not our opinion but an option.”

He continued, “The third scenario is to hold the competition from a single role, and the clubs in the first 8 positions meet each other to determine the champion, and the clubs in the other 10 positions meet each other to determine the relegated.”

Diab continued his talk about the third scenario, saying: “The single-round league with the (Playoff) system will be applied in many countries in Europe, most notably the Belgian League, which has been held in this way for four years.”

He explained: “If the league is held in the third scenario (playoff), we will end the competition on July 30, but the continuation of the league in its normal form will end the competition on August 30 and the schedule will be compressed.”

He stressed, “The time difference is one month, but it is a sufficient period to rest the clubs before the start of the new season in September, and therefore we will be able to finish the next season in May, like the rest of the other leagues.”

He continued: “We surveyed the clubs opinion and consulted with 13 out of 18 clubs within 24 hours about these perceptions, and we will make our decision by next Saturday.”

He stressed: “The decisions of the Club Association will be binding, our role is to consult with the clubs, there is no conflict, but if a decision is taken, it will be binding, and those who do not comply will be punished.”

The President of the Clubs Association concluded, saying: “We aim to make a statute for the Association of Clubs so that it is independent, as everything that is coming for Egyptian football will be based on it.”


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