Colors of the homeland | A word found on old coins.. If you find it, you will sell the paper for 50 thousand pounds


possessed old banknotes On the interest of a large segment, after it became a new way to achieve the dream of getting rich quickly, by searching for it and offering it for sale in places designated for that, at crazy prices, but provided that some conditions are met.

The total price of the Egyptian pound reaches 300 thousand pounds

Khaled Azab, who loves collecting old coins and papers, told Al-Watan that the prices of the coins are not fixed, and the more old the coin goes back for dozens of years, the higher its value and price, and among these coins the wholesale pound whose price reaches 300 thousand pounds, which is the same price of 50 piasters. Decree on it the Sphinx, two of the first versions of Egyptian paper.

Search for the phrase Egyptian state

He explained that after the abolition of the monarchy and the proclamation of the republic, Egypt lived a transitional period that was called the “Egyptian state.” During this period, each paper currency with the Egyptian state written on it, its price reaches 50 thousand pounds, which is rare and captures the interests of many people, saying, “If 10 The Egyptian state is written on it, but the paper is in good condition, it can reach 50 thousand, but if the paper is a little old, you can make 3 thousand pounds.”

He indicated that all currencies marked “Arab Republic of Egypt” are not accepted coin collectors And their price is relatively cheap, and he assured “Al-Watan that the current currencies, with the passage of time and time, will become more expensive, when they expire and change.”

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Currency trading..and amateur associations

He said that there are some people who use these currencies for trade: “I can buy a barizah from the days of King Farouk for a certain amount, and sell it for a higher amount.”

Azab added that some places of collectibles and antiques deal with these currencies, and they are abundant in the center of the country, and there are associations of coin collectors, who gather in a specific area and exchange currencies among themselves.

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