Colors of the homeland | Fifi Abdo: Tahia Carioca and Samia Jamal teach me how to fear our Lord


The actress said Fifi AbdoThe two late dancers, Tahia Karioka and Samia Jamal, are the ones who are credited with her work and her life in general, as she learned from them good deeds and humility for the poor and communicating with them, according to her saying, “I was doing my job and going to greet Karioka in our master Hussein or Sayyida Zainab. She always answered quickly. She and her friends were a trap, and I used to meet her while she was washing dishes, and I used to share her income, and I learned good from her.”

Fifi Abdo: “There was no problem between me and Samia Gamal, and they refused the women to go to the cemetery.”

ونفت Fifi AbdoDuring her hosting of the “Al-Sira” program, presented by the media, Wafaa Al-Kilani, and broadcast on the “DMC” channel, today, Friday, there is any problem between her and the late dancer Samia Jamal, especially at the time of her death. We were very many in the mosque, but the women refused to go to the cemetery.”

Actress: May God take care of me, and he will hold me accountable

She continued, “The two (Samiya Gamal and Tahia Karioka) taught me how to stay smart and how to clear my mind of my life, and I have been thinking about my afterlife for a long time. Who will judge me, and I learned from them how to fear and do the account of our Lord, these people are great.”

Fifi explained that she was married to 5 people throughout her life, but the questions of some media professionals are what take her out of her feelings and push her to answer incorrectly, “I was divorced and married, and all my passports were customary because I did not know the man before I married him, and the first legitimate passport of my husband did not want to divorce me at all. , I was young”.

Fifi Abdo: The man is responsible for the failure of marriages because he is a “little child”

She added that the first children she had was when she was 25 years old, and that her last marriage lasted so far 25 years, and he is a Jordanian person and their relationship is blessed with understanding and respect. Passports will be because of the six, not the man, because the man is a small child.”

And she continued: “Any six, when you get divorced, rumors come out, and I was cutting a sweat and shedding his blood, and the demand for me for a passport was a lot, and they wanted to kidnap me while I was in the waiting period of 3 months.”

Actress: You would marry an Indian

And she continued, “There was an Indian who saw me and admired me in Britain, and he wanted to marry me, and I went to visit him there in India. I met him as a beloved figure, and he resolved to marry me to his wife and children, and I refused to travel with him to India.”


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