Colors of the homeland | Psychological analysis of the last moments in the life of the “Mall Girl”: The will is robbed


37 seconds is the time between the life of the City Stars girl, and her transition to the other world, the seconds documented by the cameras, as she appeared standing on one of the seats and then quietly crossed to the barrier on the sixth floor, and in the blink of an eye she threw herself without hesitation to fall A dead body with faint heartbeats, everyone tries to rescue her, but she dies.

Psychiatrist: The mall girl was only seeing the disposal of life

The brief seconds documented by the cameras of the suicide moment mall girlMayar Muhammad, whose name is Mayar Muhammad, is nothing but moments preceded by suffering and psychological crisis, which reached the point of depression as a result of family disputes, according to what her close friend “Naira” admitted in the investigations of the prosecution.

As for the last seconds in Mayar’s life, and what she was thinking before committing suicide, Dr. Walid Hindi, a mental health consultant, explained that the suicide before suicide He is bereft of will, unable to think, as if his mind is suspended or more like a hypnotized human being. He continued about the girl: “She sees only one idea, and that is getting rid of life… for it is the only refuge for her to escape from pressures and pain.”

Depression and a darker future are one of the main reasons behind suicide

The mental health consultant added, during his interview with Al-Watan, that depression and the darkening of the future are one of the most important reasons behind suicide, and is the reason why the mall girl did it and lost her life, in addition to a number of reasons such as losing a person, unemployment or academic failure.

Hindi advised parents and families to give their children full confidence in their entity and personality, so that society avoids psychological conditions that lead to suicide.

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