Colors of the homeland | Tarzan’s friend after his death from liver cancer: processed foods and alcohol are the cause


He has moved away from life completely since he was eight years old, before he is isolated with his father and brothers in a far area, and has remained so for more than 40 years, and after returning to society, “Hu Fan Lang”, known as “Tarzan”, died after his suffering with Liver cancer, as if fate is striving for him and refuses to live like any normal person.

Primitive life in the forest

Hu Van Lang, 52, who has 4 siblings, lived a very primitive life in a forest in the Tai Tra district of Quang Ngai Province, Vietnam. Constant bombs, his mother and two of his brothers died, to escape with his father with his remaining two brothers to a secluded forest, where he remained all his life to be nicknamed «Tarzan» Because his life is similar to the famous movie.

Tarzan eats the heads of mice and wild animals

“Tarzan” used to eat the heads of mice and wild animals through primitive hunting tools, and was completely isolated from humans, so that he did not realize that there was another race of human beings, which is women, because his father concealed that fact from him; As I think the latter that their lives in the forest permanent, according to the British newspaper “Daily Star”.

In 2015, the Australian journalist, Alvaro Cerezo, wrote about the story of the isolated family living on animals, reptiles, rat heads and snakes, and was recently transferred to a simple urban village to be shocked by the existence of civilization, and humans surviving the catastrophe of war in the seventies.

“Tarzan” used to treat everyone like children, that is, he does not differentiate between good and evil or even funny jokes and serious talk: “He was happily adapting to his new life and especially liked seeing animals deal with people, which is a big change from his life in the woods,” according to late brother.

Seddik Tarzan: Eating processed foods and drinking alcohol affected him badly

Ho Van Lang, who lived in the Vietnamese jungle for 40 years, died of liver cancer at the age of 52, last Monday, and a friend of the late, Alvaro Cerezo, said that living “Tarzan” a modern life may have had consequences. Dire for him, after he started eating processed foods and sometimes drinking alcohol, adding: “I am very sad about his passing, but for me, his death is also a comfort because I know he has been suffering in the past months, he was a beautiful human being, it would be impossible to forget him, I will miss him every day.”

“I didn’t like seeing him live in civilization,” Alvaro continued, “I was always worried that he and his body wouldn’t be able to handle such a drastic change, since he left the forest eight years ago.”

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