Colors of the homeland | The brother of Sheikh Hani Al-Shahat sets off a surprise: He was driving the car with one hand


became death Sheikh Hani Al-Shahat The imam and preacher of Al-Arqam Mosque in Nasr City has been the talk of the hour during the past few days, after a traffic accident, where a transport vehicle traveling at the speed of a missile collided with the Sheikh’s car and turned it into a mass of destruction, and despite numerous attempts to save him, he breathed his last after arriving at the hospital.

There have been many conversations during the past hours about Sheikh Hani Al-Shahat’s hand, as some confirmed that his hand was amputated from the ground up, so how was he driving a car, and was there a driver for the Sheikh’s car, or could he drive despite his disability?

His brother confirms: his hand is amputated

Many hadiths and rumors put an end to it by his brother, Sameh Al-Shahat, as he confirmed to Al-Watan that Sheikh Al-Shahat already suffers from a disability since his birth, as the palm of his left hand was amputated, but he can drive a car skillfully: “Our Lord created him with a left hand amputated, but the elbow is He was present, and despite his handicap, our Lord gave him strength in his amputated hand, and he would drive with the whole family and move around, and the matter was normal.”

A car for the handicapped

The car he was driving Sheikh Al-Shahat It was intended for people with special needs, and he obtained a driver’s license, and he did not have a driver with him either at the time of the accident or before it, according to what his brother said: “All people know that his hand is amputated and there is no problem with this story. ».

His brother asks everyone to pray for him: “I wish people would stop talking about this story. All people are sad and upset, whether they are relatives or strangers. May God have mercy on him because the Sheikh was dear to us, and the one who knows him from afar is more attached to him than us.”

The death of Sheikh Hani Al-Shahat

Sheikh Hani Al-Shahat was subjected to the tragic accident, as he was driving his car, intending to pass to a street opposite to “Uturn”, and another speeding transport car surprised him, and collided with him; As a result, he was killed and the vehicle he was driving crashed.

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