Colors of the homeland | The “Egyptian mosquito” spreads a viral fever in India and kills 50 children in a week


A large number of citizens in India panicked due to the spread of the typhus virus, which is an infectious disease transmitted to a person through insects, which caused the death of more than 50 people in India, coinciding with the outbreak of the Corona virus in the country.

Residents of the epidemic area escape from fever

Dr. Hosni Salama, Professor of Hepatology and Infectious Diseases at the Faculty of Medicine, Kasr Al-Aini, confirmed during his speech to Al-Watan that there are many insects that transmit the “typhus” virus, but the main cause of infection with this infection is the Egyptian mosquito, which is scientifically called “Aedes aegypti.” ».

And with the spread of virus Typhus rapidly across the region, the residents of Firozabad and their families began escaping the deadly viral fever that had already claimed more than 50 lives.

The mysterious fever that was first reported in the state of “Uttar Pradesh” in the city of Firuzabad, which has now been identified as typhus, has brought life to a standstill in the area, according to the website “indiatoday”.

As the fever spread rapidly in the area, residents decided to leave Firozabad district with their families to escape the disease, according to a local resident. The public is forced to take such an extreme step due to the high death toll and negligence of the local health department.

Residents of the area launched an attack on the Ministry of Health, after they claimed that health workers were busy vaccinating against the virus CoronaAnd they did not take any measures when detecting the initial cases of fever.

By the time the Ministry of Health noticed the mysterious fever for days on end, it was too late and typhus had gotten out of hand, and was on the verge of turning into a full-blown epidemic.

At present, all the hospitals in Firuzabad are full of patients, and medicines are in short supply, as requests from hospitals have been seen rushing to the market for new stock.

Private hospitals are also full, despite the high cost of treatment, in addition to transferring patients to hospitals in Agra district, due to the lack of space in Firozabad hospitals.

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