Controversial reception.. Social media pioneers refuse Khaled Youssef Khaled’s return to Egypt | Egypt


Khaled Youssef announced his new artistic projects, where he will start shooting his new movie “Welcome to Paris”,

The return of the Egyptian director Khaled Youssef to Egypt sparked widespread controversy among the pioneers of social networking sites, after two years he spent in France following a crisis he experienced in 2019.

Youssef’s crisis erupted after the leak of a video that was described as scandalous at the time, accompanied by two girls from the artistic community, and the video sparked a state of controversy across communication platforms, especially since the Egyptian director preferred to travel abroad at a time when the two young actresses Mona Farouk and Shaima Al-Hajj were investigated and confronted the situation, as A few months later, Farouk announced that she was thinking of committing suicide because she did not find a chance to work or live, and that she married Khaled Youssef with the knowledge of her family.

Return of artistic activity

Khaled Youssef decided to return to Egypt and resume his artistic activity as well, and was received by a large number of leftists and Nasserites in his private office in Cairo, and the Egyptian director posted on his Facebook page pictures of his friends.

The photos provoked a state of denunciation and strong resentment from some of the pioneers of the communication sites. Film critic Rami Al-Metwally denounced Khaled’s escape and then returned with a work on women.

As for journalist Aya Hosni, she said that no one disagrees that he is a distinguished director, but what he did is a crime that amounts to human trafficking.

Moral assassination

Yesterday evening, Monday, Khaled Youssef was a guest of the media, Amr Adib, during the episode of the “Al-Hekaya” program on MBC Egypt, and he spoke about the crisis he was exposed to, indicating that it was a campaign of moral assassination against him, and that he traveled to Paris from He postponed meeting his wife and daughter, but he could not bear the extent of what happened to him because his political orientation was against the Muslim Brotherhood, he said.

He talked about this period he spent in France, where he was treated with a special residence as an influential person in culture and art, and that he used that period to think about his future works, at a time when he was living his life normally with his wife, who defended him in this period and endured a lot for him.

And the Egyptian director continued that he was lucky to be abroad during that period due to the spread of the Corona virus, because he was able to move from one place to another easily because he had a residence such as Saudi Arabia, the country of his wife, Dubai and some European countries, so he did not suffer like many, and indicated that he was offered artworks in Paris is in French, but he refused because he likes to present works that have a cause that touches him and interests him.

Social Justice

Khaled Youssef also talked about the current political stage, and said that he already sees improvement in Egypt, but from his point of view as a Nasserist and nationalist, he is with social justice and supportive of the poor, and that the citizen in Egypt needs a system that follows it like Europe.

Welcome to Paris

Khaled Youssef announced his new artistic projects, where he will start filming his new movie “Welcome to Paris”, and it will be filmed between Egypt, Beirut, Saudi Arabia and France. Europe and the idea of ​​identity and belonging, and the film deals for the first time with the idea of ​​European ISIS away from Arab origins, an idea that has not been addressed before in the cinema.

Film and series with the United

The Egyptian director announced cooperation with the United Company through a historical series about Andalusia, in addition to a movie about one of the October War tournaments, especially since the cinema did not present many tournaments at this stage.

During the episode, he also spoke about his filming of the June 2013 demonstrations, and said that he was not assigned by the army to film as it was said, as he is a director and not a military, but he is the one who requested filming since the January 25, 2011 revolution, because he learned from director Youssef Chahine the importance of documenting those Moments, when Shaheen asked to film the October War, but unfortunately he was unable to do so, and Youssef said that the moral affairs refused his request to film the events of January 25, but he had the opportunity on June 30, as it is part of the history of Egypt, and that there are scenes Real has not been documented in the villages and governorates of Egypt.

At the end of the episode, Khaled confirmed that politics occupied the last ten years of his life, including his work in Parliament, and considers that at this stage he was on a national mission that he paid for, but he wants to focus on art and express his ideas through his tools as a director defending social justice and freedom .


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