Corona’s origin again .. Scientists leaked updated types of the virus


still a mystery Corona virus It baffles the whole world after nearly two years of its spread, and although what is new today is China implicates more

New information has indicated that scientists in Wuhan Institute of Virology They planned to leak updated types of coronaviruses into bats in 2018 as part of a vaccine design study, according to a report by the British newspaper, The Telegraph.

Nanoparticles that penetrate the skin

Leaked grant proposals dating back to 2018, revealed that 18 months before the first infections were recorded with “SARS-CoV-2” that causes “Covid-19” infection, they planned to release nanoparticles that penetrate the skin.

Wuhan Institute of Virology

Wuhan Institute of Virology

The report indicated that those particles contained “new chimeric toothed proteins” from bat coronaviruses to cave bat populations in Yunnan Province, China.

American researchers and funding

The team of scientists, which included American researchers, also planned to install genetically updated chimeric viruses capable of infecting humans in an easier way. Community members at risk.

In addition, the documents on which the report is based have been published by the online research group Drastic, which was formed by scientists around the world to determine the origins of SARS-CoV-2.

Wuhan Institute (AFP)

Wuhan Institute (AFP)

According to the documents, which an official in the administration of former US President Donald Trump confirmed as authentic, scientists hoped to release the division sites for humans in bat corona viruses, which would have facilitated the virus infiltration into human cells.

Interpretation of rapid infection

And the newspaper pointed out that researchers in the world were surprised, when determining the genetic sequence of “SARS-CoV-2” for the first time, that the virus developed the special ability to adapt to humans at the site of partition on the serrated proteins, and this is the reason for the high infection of the virus.

In turn, the Drastic group explained that this information requires analysis by the broader scientific community to determine the plausibility of the artificial inclusion of human segmentation sites.

Great tension and accusations

This report comes amid increasing calls by the United States and its allies to accurately determine the origin of the Corona virus, which no party, including the World Health Organization, has yet been able to achieve.

The origin of the virus ignited an unprecedented tension between the previous US administration led by President Donald Trump and Beijing, after Trump accused the Chinese authorities of covering up the information, pointing out that the virus likely leaked from the Wuhan laboratory, and confirmed that his team had evidence confirming that the virus leaked from the laboratory despite It is not displayed.

For two years, the world and the World Health Organization have been trying to research and deepen in order to reach the origin of the pandemic, without a conclusive result until now, while China continues to adhere to its position rejecting the leakage of the virus from the laboratory of Wuhan in the center of the country in December 2019.

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