Criticism of a global cigarette company’s control of “asthma treatment” devices in


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Friday 17 September 2021

Books – Ahmed Gomaa:

The European Respiratory Society issued a statement, today, Friday, regarding the purchase of Philip Morris International, the Victora company, to manufacture inhalers for the treatment of asthma and lung diseases.

“This news is very disappointing for the hard-working scientists who have dedicated their careers to developing products that improve the quality of life for people with debilitating lung disease, and for all those who advocate for tobacco control,” the association said, citing tobacco as one of the biggest preventable causes. for many lung diseases.

“The tobacco industry is responsible for the suffering and premature death of millions of people around the world every year, so it is highly unethical for a tobacco company to profit from people’s addiction to its highly harmful products, and later seek to increase profits from the drugs produced to treat the harm caused by its products.” .

The association expresses its grave concern that the proposed transaction will enable the company to disguise its image as a company that benefits from making people addicted to its dangerous products, and that the tobacco company will be in a position to abuse the inhalation techniques developed by Victora to make tobacco products more addictive.

She added: “Medical institutions have strict rules against the participation of individuals and companies associated with the tobacco industry in the activities of the association, including membership, participation in events and participation in research activities, due to conflicts of interest, and the deal is also likely to be financially harmful, as health professionals will avoid prescribing drugs from Any company enriches the tobacco industry because of the ethical implications.

The European Respiratory Society strongly urged Victoras shareholders to reject the deal to ensure that scientists continue to engage with the scientific community to the fullest extent possible, to protect the safety of its essential medicinal products, and to prevent the misuse of its technologies by the tobacco industry.

The association concluded its statement, that if the acquisition is approved by the shareholders, the association calls on the competent authorities in Britain to use their power to intervene in the transaction in order to protect public health and public confidence in essential medical supply chains.

For his part, Dr. Essam El-Maghazi, a consultant in chest diseases and president of the Anti-Smoking, Tuberculosis and Chest Diseases Association, criticized the tobacco company’s acquisition of the most important factory for the production of inhalers in the world, stressing that this step leads to mixing papers between the most important source of chest diseases, and the purchase of the most important product for inhalers, explaining that Its goal may be to whiten the face of the tobacco companies.

He added, that if its goal is noble, it should stop producing tobacco of all kinds, whether traditional or heated, but we find that its sales of traditional cigarettes are still high in all countries, including Egypt, stressing that scientists should pay attention to the twisted ways that cigarette companies resort to, And not to participate in their research in the factory that Victora is trying to acquire, and the important question is how the company that produces the largest product that causes chest diseases acquires the factory that provides the most important inhalers for the treatment of chest diseases.

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