Days after she was infected with Corona, Reham Saeed sends a message to his fans


11:55 PM

Friday 24 September 2021

Books – Mina Ghaly:

The media, Reham Saeed, sent a message to her fans, a few days after announcing her infection with the Corona virus.

Reham said in a comment on a video she posted on her Facebook page: I do not know how to thank you for your prayer. Fate Jamilkoa on my head from above.

And the media, Reham Saeed, announced on her account via “Instagram” that she was infected with the Corona virus.

Reham published a picture of her wrist while she was on the bed in a hospital, and commented: “My grocer has been suffering from corona for two weeks, and thank God the lung was affected and I was booked in the hospital for a while.”

And she added: “A strange feeling and a fatal need comes to you.. You turn yourself back a lot and hold yourself accountable a lot, sure I was wrong, but I never intended, the purpose was always to benefit others and to show the truth.”

And she continued, “Thank you, Lord, for your love for me, and thank you for your suffering, which indicates your interest in me. If this is the end, Lord, best my conclusion and count for me every work I did for your honorable face, Lord, you are the only one who knows what I did and my intention was always what.” I have been patient and enduring a lot of slander and injustice.”


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